On July 14, the San Diego City Council voted 6-3 to raise San Diego’s minimum wage to $11.50 by 2017.

On August 8, Mayor Kevin Faulconer vetoed the bill.

That’s the part of the script you’ve seen before. But this time, the ending was different.

On Tuesday, six members of the City Council overturned Mayor Faulconer’s veto. The city’s business establishment, lead by the Chamber of Commerce, is seeking to gather 34,000 signatures in 30 days to put the issue to voters in November, which would delay its implementation. But otherwise, the measure is on its way to becoming law.

Faulconer, a Republican, was elected in a close special election in February following the resignation of Democrat Bob Filner. Because of his conservative leanings and close business ties, his victory was seen as a loss for working people.

But the minimum wage fight is another example of why you should never count out your local elections. Instead of an utter defeat at the hands of Mayor Faulconer, the Council’s one-vote-margin super-majority has given the bill another shot.

With no federal action on wages expected anytime soon (Thanks archaic Senate rules! Thanks Mitch McConnell! Thanks gerrymandered, unresponsive Congress!), the action is all in states and cities. Ten states have raise the minimum wage this year alone, and Seattle has a plan to raise their wage to $15 over the next few years. It’s no coincidence that ALEC has formed a new offshoot to focus on city and county issues.

In the country’s eighth-largest city, one city council member had the power to keep a bill raising wages for an estimated 172,000 people from dying.

That’s why you have to vote, and not just for President. For Senate, Congress, Governor, State Senator, and State Representative. Vote for County Commissioners. Vote for Mayor and City Council. Vote for municipal positions like Clerk and Auditor. Vote for hyper-local positions if you have them, because they might be City Councilors someday.

Our opposition isn’t taking any chances. ALEC and the Chamber of Commerce take a great interest in current (and future) city officials to make sure they will be on their side when things like minimum wage reach their desks.

One local election made the difference for 172,000 weekly paychecks. Replicate that in every city and town? That’s what change looks like–not just one victory or defeat at the top of the ticket.

Photo via Raise Up San Diego on Facebook

"Here’s a general rule. When an insult is directed at a woman, consider how it would have sounded directed at a man. If the result is ridiculous, then it’s probably sexist."




If whites realized how few their numbers were I imagine they wouldn’t be so ethnically suicidal.


I have a few major problems with this graph.  Firstly, in the US we use the term minority and majority in regards to the United States, where whites are the majority.  If you are in China, whites are a minority, and are never called the majority in China.  People aren’t saying whites are the world majority other than SJWs, whites are the majority in countries we (SJWs) care about, IE Europe, Commonwealth, and the US.  Secondly…..why are the Asians yellow………seriously why?   thirdly….I really want to know what white is?    In the US, where we refer to majority and minority, white is a skintone thing, but in many countries white is something else, the Irish are often not considered white for example.

Note: I am not calling you stupid, just the original picture.  

Secondly…..why are the Asians yellow………seriously why?” I never understood why Asians were depicted as yellow. I mean, they’re not any yellower than the rest of us are.
But then I thought - why is it considered racist to call Asians yellow but not to call brown people “black” & pale people “white”? I’m actually curious…is there a reason?

I think its not as offensive because people with white, brown or black skin actually at least resemble that skin color.  Its not technical, I mean i’m white as shit but my skin isn’t actually white, its more of a weird peachy color, and an African American most likely doesn’t have black skin so much as “really dark brown”  but at least its in the ballpark, an indian, african and European have skintones close enough to the respective colors that you know what people mean.  However Asians….don’t.   Like they really don’t look yellow, I mean hell people form Japan or Northern China or Korea look as white as I do.  To paraphrase a friend of mine “its like racists ran out of colors”.  Same goes for native americans being called red

(Source: whitesupremacymemes)


If whites realized how few their numbers were I imagine they wouldn’t be so ethnically suicidal.


I have a few major problems with this graph.  Firstly, in the US we use the term minority and majority in regards to the United States, where whites are the majority.  If you are in China, whites are a minority, and are never called the majority in China.  People aren’t saying whites are the world majority other than SJWs, whites are the majority in countries we (SJWs) care about, IE Europe, Commonwealth, and the US.  Secondly…..why are the Asians yellow………seriously why?   thirdly….I really want to know what white is?    In the US, where we refer to majority and minority, white is a skintone thing, but in many countries white is something else, the Irish are often not considered white for example.

Note: I am not calling you stupid, just the original picture.  

(Source: whitesupremacymemes)


Right disclaimer, I am not trying to get into a religious debate about Jesus divinity or the lack there of. I am just trying to talk about the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth or Joshua Ben Joseph as he would have been called during his life time. I have read a great deal…

We have a report form Tacitus on his execution, we have the execution order of Pontius PIlate, we have a letter to the Emperor Tiberious about disturbances and updates about the provience (he is only a footnote), the Roman/Jewish historian Flavius Josephus mentions him twice in his history of Judea, the Emperor Claudius briefly mentions him as a minor prophet who caused some trouble a few years back, the stoic philospher Mara Bar-Serapion mentions Jesus’ death, and Suetonius mentions that their was a cult operating around 30 AD whose leader was crucified.  That isn’t even counting the MANY Christian non New Testament sources we have from that period, obviously they have a bias but the fact that so many different early christians, even the Ghonics, can all agree on these basic facts indicate that the guy was defiantly around.  And those are just sources we still have, there are MANY more sources that are referred too and referenced by the other historians, including sadly most of PIlate’s records, that have since been lost.  

     Now the recent killing had gotten me thinking about the fact that we are a racist as shit country and so much of that is the War on Drugs.  1/4 of all African Americans are going to end up in jail at some point during their life time, and 40% of all inmates are black.  ITs just fucking insane.  Which is another problem I want to go into, but what I am focusing on right now is the fact that prisoners effectively can’t vote, and that if you commit a crime, in many states you can’t vote after you get out of prison

    To address the first question first, I know a lot of you are thinking “wait, of course prisoners can’t vote, they committed a crime they lose their privileges.”  My answer to that is “yeah, they lost their right not to live the next few years of their life in a scary looking building, that doesn’t effect their right to vote”.  Effectively, we have this rule that if you commit a crime, you aren’t a citizen, which is funny because you are a greater burden on the state than anyone on unemployment.  

   I know the other thing that you are thinking because I am a mind reader “wouldn’t the prisoners just vote to have themselves let go”.  Well because we live in a Republic not a democracy, they could only vote for candidates, and any candidate who ran on the platform of “I am going to release convicts because they voted for me” isn’t going to win.  Hell we live in a country where saying that our prison system is basically just run on racism will get you out of the running.  

     Now why should prisoners get the vote?  Well firstly, they are more than almost anybody else other than the military, beholden to government policies.  I mean, these guys are getting systematically raped, I think they might want to have a say in their treatment.  LIke maybe, “can I stop being raped?”  I mean morally, we have a class of people who are less than citizens and most of them are no white, and they a lot of them got there by living in these radicalized areas that were extreme poor and then were sent to prison for possessing pot.  We are funneling non whites into the prison system and into a category of people who are less than citizens, like that is Jim Crow territory.  Now remember, if you get caught with coke, something that so many white actors, college kids, and businessmen just do on a regular basis, you are going to be sent to a dark scary building for maybe over a decade.  Then you will be beaten, raped, humiliated, put into forced labor, beaten, tortured some more, raped some more, put into solitary confinement, and subjected to massive amounts of abuse and bullying…that is if you aren’t killed.  Oh yeah, and you will raped….a lot.  LIke can this not be a thing, can we not live in a country where our response to people possessing coke be “well, you are going to be raped for the next few decades, too bad you didn’t have the good sense to be born rich and white.”

     I mean, prisoners having the right to vote will mean that politicians might actually give a damn about how they are treated, we have the highest incarceration rate of any first world country, they might give a damn about making that smaller if those people had a say in government.  

     As to ex cons not being allowed to vote….seriously what the fuck is with that?  You did something wrong so now you have absolutely no say in how this country is run or functions, and can’t have any say in anything from whether your kid is sent to war or if you will be able to have a job?  Because you got caught with coke.   That makes sense

    I am speaking as somebody who hates drugs, and I don’t even drink.   Its fucking stupid.  And that isn’t even getting into the massive amount of people who are charged for crimes they didn’t commit and loss their right to vote because they were too poor or not white to get a proper representation.  Its fucking absurd.  

     Right disclaimer, I am not trying to get into a religious debate about Jesus divinity or the lack there of.  I am just trying to talk about the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth or Joshua Ben Joseph as he would have been called during his life time.  I have read a great deal of people who have said Jesus never existed or we only have myths, and as a historian I just have to say, no wait stop.  Jesus might not have been a miracle worker, in fact I don’t believe he did, but we know there was a historical guy.  We don’t know very much about him, but we have the Roman and Jewish records of the time, he is mentioned there was a guy running around named Jesus.

     Now was he born of a virgin, walked on water, the Messiah and came back from the dead?  We don’t know, the Romans didn’t mention it, but we do know that there was a guy running around.  Let me go over the facts that we know to be true

    There was a guy named Joshua Ben Joseph (Joshua son of Joseph) living in Judea sometime around the change between AD/BC.  

    He died when he was middle aged

   He was a Jew

   He was living for at least a period of time in Nazareth 

   He was Baptized 

   He was preaching a new religious doctrine based upon the Old Testament but with his own additions, in fact many Romans said he was mixing Greek philosophy with Jewish theology, though we don’t know the specifics.

   He seems to have declared himself to be the Messiah, though if this was in the Old Testament sense of the word or the Christian sense we don’t know

  He was crucified by the Romans by request of the Jewish Sanhedrin leadership. 

   He seems to have preached to the poor and disenfranchised masses

     Stuff that we are fairly sure happened but we don’t know 

He was baptized by JOhn the Baptist 

He had at least 12, and maybe more disciples, though what their rank was and how this related is not known

He seems to have been a Galilean

He seems to have caused some sort of disruption in the Temple 

We think he was born between 7 and 2 BC and died between 30-36 AD

Everything else is like the Seven Kings of Rome, we are just going off of very bias sources.   

Ugg propaganda I happen to agree with is still propaganda.  Its reminds me of of those WWII recruitment posters, and I am speaking as somebody who has posted about the shooting, fits all 12 requirements, and agrees with pretty much everything the article is saying.  Doesn’t mater if the entire thing is written in the same tone as the people who pretend this shooting didn’t happen.   

QuestionPresidential Question: What is/are the best solution(s) for the US healthcare system, and is Obamacare one of them/the one? Answer

The ideal solution to healthcare is a tricky one, because it is a question that the collective first world still hasn’t figured out, even the most advanced healthcare states like Sweden, Norway and Japan are working out kinks in the system and the tax basis is absurd.  That being said, just as democracy isn’t perfect but is undoubtably better than monarchy, I know for a fact that the pre Obamacare US system is just a mess, where we were paying more money than any other country with the least to show for it, the payment plan basically boiling down to “don’t get sick”.  

    Now I don’t actually like Obamacare, I think it doesn’t do nearly enough to address the gap between the Rich and the Poor, still has lots of disorganization, we still have insurance and drug companies as WAY too powerful, and doesn’t deliver enough, but it is at least a healthcare system.  To go back to the earlier metaphor, if the pre Obama system was a monarchy, Obamacare is more like a the American democracy right after the Civil War.  There are still massive problems to be worked out,  the system doesn’t deliver what it promises, and there are huge institutionalized discrimination and mistreatment, but at least it is an actively improving system rather than a stagnating one.  

    I think what is really important with healthcare is to get the US AT LEAST to the standard of countries like France or Germany, even if we can’t get to Japan Canada or Sweden, and then start looking around for alternative forms of funding.  The problem is generating enough income for 316 million people, which I think requires a rethinking of how this country manages money and how much we spend vs. how much we make, because the US spends money like we are still at our 1990s height of power, but that time is over.  France did the same thing before the Revolution and well….the revolution. 

Thank you very much for your question.  

Edit: I realized I need to go into more detail about what I want opposed to don’t want, so here are the basic things that I feel that the US system MUST be able to accommodate. 

1) Provide ER services free of Charge so that doctors can focus on healing the patient not on whether he/she can afford it.  

2) That people with medical conditions that they are born will will not have to spend money on medication necessary for them to be functional members of society.  For example, i was born with really severe asthma, which has made me sickly my entire life, and due to the existing system this has been a financial burden on my family, and now that i’m independent on me.  Which honestly just isn’t just, I shouldn’t have to pay any money just to have the medication necessary to get out of the house

3) That people with conditions brought on by external circumstances beyond their control, like say companies in West Virginia polluting the water, or everybody living in LA, shouldn’t be punished for just trying to survive.

4) That for people who have conditions they brought upon themselves (like say, smokers etc) the costs should be at least offshot, somebody who got lung cancer for smoking shouldn’t be punished for the rest of her life

5) That people can visit the doctor for regular check ups so they can catch disease early to prevent illnesses from getting more serious

I want Healthcare to be set up in pretty much the same way the French do it.  

6) I kind of want to get ride of the concept of Private Health insurance, as I think its inherently lends itself to corruption and making money off other people’s suffering.  I don’t mind private insurance, I think that private health insurance is like private Fire police or private police station.  

As to the How, here is my solution.  

Give all citizens a national healthcare, and anybody in Congress will have same healthcare.  

    Sorry for the long absence, I have been extremely sick, like couldn’t get out of bed sick and I still don’t have my voice, but who needs a throat when I have the internetz?   And I think it is about time I go back to my main area of study, Chinese History, and the largest incident of environmental warfare in history.  

    Now lets do a bit of background on the Yellow River.  Known as Huang He in Chinese, is the largest river in China, six largest in the world, and third largest in Asia, and basically criss crosses Northern and Southern China.  if civilizations are defined by their major river roots (HIIIII EGYPT) then the Yellow River might say a lot about Chinese culture.  I don’t know what it says but it says…something I’m sure.  The Yellow river is where Chinese civilization started, or correctly Northern Chinese civilization, IE the stuff we care about.  The Earliest Chinese “Rulers” the semi mystical 3 Sovereign and Five Emperors, achieved their fame by controlling the Yellow River.  See the River frequently floods, and on an extremely devestating scale.  Seriously when this river flooding it would just destroy the surrounding country side.  The two nicknames for the river show its place in society, specifically “The Credal of Chinese Civilization” and more importantly “China’s Sorrow” the latter nickname being how it was normally known.  Non Chinese sometimes called it “The Scourge of the Sons of Han” IE Han being the main ethnic group of China.  

    So this river would flood and flood badly, however over the 3,800 years of Chinese civilization they had done a pretty good job of damning the thing so that its floods would be limited, and the North Western River Valley, where it originates was pretty much nothing but locks, damns, and other river controlling methods, and while flooding did occasionally happen during storms, they never got to the point where it would cause too much damage due to the massive infrastructure.  

     So why was 1938 different?  Well 38 was the second year of the Second Sino Japanese War, the actually first step of World War II and one of the greatest wars in history, where Japan invaded China.  Before hte Invasion, China was split between two dictators, our old friend Mao Zedong, who commanded the Communist forces in the North, and Nationalist dictator Chiang-Kai Shiek (also known as Jiang Jieshi) who commanded the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and KMT (Chinese Guomindang Party), with the later controlling most of the country.  They where in the middle of a vicious Civil War when the War with Japan happened (long story) and now they found themselves fighting the most powerful military force in East Asia.  

      Now for reasons I can’t get into now, the Chinese were just totally outmatched.  The might have had been able to stand a chance if they were unified, but still in the midst of a civil and fighting against the far more industrialized and well trained Japanese military.  The Japanese, though with difficulty, absolutely crushed the Chinese military in the open, taking most of the Chinese Coast in the first year, including the capital City of Nanking (Nanjing) and China’s greatest city, Shanghai, and by 38 they were effectively driving into the Chinese interior.  

 This was a vicious fucking war too, only shortly beforehand the Rape of Nanking had happened, which is one of the greatest war crimes in all of human history, with 350,000 out of 400,000 dead, and 200,000 women raped.  The Japanese were simply put infamous in their treatment of civilians, and by the time this war ended between 22-33 Chinese would lay dead at Japanese hands.  

    Chiang knew he couldn’t stand up to the Japanese directly, and so he figured he would force the Japanese to spread themselves too thin, retreating into the Chinese countryside and forcing the Japanese to waste men and materials chasing him.  Problem is that China is not Russia, if he went too far west he would wind up in in the Soviet Union or India, so he needed a place for his troops to regroup and prepare themselves for the war.  Problem is, with the Japanese right on his trail, creating a rallying point was not going to be easy.  In fact, the Japanese were planning to cut China in two, dividing Western China from the South (the North was Communist and the East was Japanese) leaving Chiang divided.  

  To slow the Japanese advance, Chiang had a controversial strategy, and one that would have massive long term consequences.  Destroy all of the Dikes, Locks, and Damns of the Yellow River and let the entire area flood, thus forcing the Japanese to halt their advance.  

      Now before I get into whether or not this was a strategically correct decision, I want to get into the aftermath.  It did effectively stop the Japanese advance, at least for a time, as they never imagined that the Chinese would destroy the damns and flood their own country.  For the trick to work the Japanese had to be unprepared, and thus non of the Chinese farmers and villagers in the floods path were warned, leading to the complete devastation of the Western Chinese countryside.  Remember New Orleans when the levies broke?  Now imagine that if it happened to an area the size of Texas.  What makes the aftermath difficult to measure is that all three parties involved, the Japanese, the CCP and the KMT were all totalitarian dictatorships who regularly altered facts to fit their own purpose, and none of them held counting casualties as a high priority.  Generally I believed the figures that 800,000 Chinese people were killed, either by the flood or starvation, with another 5 million Chinese loosing their homes and becoming refugees.  An addition 12 million had their livelihood hurt in some way.  While this did successfully hold off the Japanese and allow the KMT some breathing space, it also had devestating long term consequences for China

    Obviously the lost of life and land caused massive famine and huge economic damage to the countryside which would last for decades to come.  This also didn’t help with the Nationalists popularity with the Chinese people, being one of the many factors that would lead to the eventual Communist victory in 1949, killing 800,000 of your own people doesn’t win you much in popularity, and many of those refugees or impoverished farmers would eventually turn to the CCP.  THe lack of food supply would also come back to Haunt Chiang as in 46 he wasn’t able to feed his armies very well.  

    Now was it militarily the smart to do?  Yes and no.  Ideally it would have been better to release the floods when the Japanese army was closer to Chiang so they would have been swept away Two Towers style, however if they got that close they might have been able to notice the trap.  Much of the land that was flooded abeded in only a week, which allowed the Japanese to take it anyways, or they simply used a different route.  Also it effectively cut off tens of thousands of KMT troops who were forced to become guerillas, where they were either killed or joined with the communists.     That being said, they did allow Chiang about 4 weeks where he was able to gather his troops without fighting a major battle, and the KMT from this point one were going to be far more disciplined and organized force to fight the Japanese with

    One last interesting note, with the Damns broken, the Yellow River’s Course was completely changed, going through farming land and generally causing chaos, which wasn’t restored until 1947.  Since this was such a great rallying point for the Communists, they actually attempted to bomb attempts by the UN to repair the dikes because the farming problem was a massive black stain on Chiang Kai Shek’s record.  

"Your thinly disguised Paganism is not as old as our thinly disguised paganism"- Said the Jew to the Catholic